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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


yesterday I had a good sleep.

I actually went to bed around 10:00, after watching "Gone in 60 Seconds". That's a good movie...I especially like the last car, "Eleanor". Man it would be cool to have a car like that.

I think I'm gonna name my cars now.
My malibu and tercel will be called....hmm....I dunno what to call my cars...

If I had a big red van, I'd call it "Big Bertha", but I don't have a red van.

What can I call my cars??

Monday, June 27, 2005


Man, it was really hard getting up this morning. I think all the mosquitoes sucked all my blood so I have no energy. I think I have like 3 bites all within 1 cm of each other. It was pretty nasty how they were all swarming over our heads. I think the more gel you have, the more mosquitoes you have.

I'm getting tired of the my cd's. I think it's about time to buy a new one....any suggestions? Nothing good has really come out eh? Maybe I'll go and discover some unknown band. That would be pretty cool.

The coke stage at the stampede is alright this year. Some good ones, and some not so good ones. STRADA is performing though on July 7. For those of you who don't know, that's Chad Thomas' band (Pastor Paul's son). They are pretty good. When we go on Sunday, Hot Hot Heat will be on the coke stage. I don't really know anything about them. I know they have an 80's kind of sound, sort of like The Killers, but more poppy?

I recommend the STRADA cd though.

Wow doing nothing at work is productive...

Thursday, June 23, 2005


I wonder what people are thinking of when they make their car all suped up?

I was driving through edmonton on monday and there was this toyota echo hatchback that pulled up beside me. After the car came to a full stop, I noticed the wheels were still spinning. I did a doulbe take and then I saw that the car a the spinner rims. It just looked funny. It didn't really match the car. Why would you invest in spinner rims when you can invest in a better car?

hahaha...maybe I should buy spinner rims for my tercel...hahaha

I heard we lost another soccer game. Sorry guys that I wasn't there, but you guys all had fun right? Don't worry....we'll win one before the season is done. haha

Ft. Saskatchewan is really dead at night. I went out at 10:00 to get a drink, but when I walked out of the hotel, everything was closed....even the gas station. They do have a cool fitness center that Dow Chemicals bribed them with. Maybe the next time I'm there I will have to go there.

TransAlta gave me tickets to see the grandstand show, so that should be pretty cool, but the only problem is that I might have to go work up in Ft. Saskatchewan....so I might miss it....that sucks....ohh well...my parents can bring people I guess. I was really looking forward to it too.

I'm kinda excited about the stampede. Since i'm in the downtown area, I'm going to try to get a free meal for the entire stampede week hahaha....people seem to be happier too when the stampede comes.

For those of you who are interested, TransAlta has a stampede breakfast on July 15 down in the lobby area. They say it's for employees only, but shhh....don't tell anyone....hahaha

Does anyone know of other stampede meals?? post a comment! (day/time/location)

Apparently, there's an engineering meeting for all of TransAlta, which basically means slack off days. I think we might be playing laser tag.....should be fun.

Time for lunch!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Good Game Guys

After a very tiring time, the Crazy 88's fell to the fleshy underbellies, who might I say had no underbellies at all!!

At first, it was all going pretty good up until halfway through the first half where the underbellies scored a goal. After the first goal things just kept on getting harder and harder and more tiring for the Crazy 88's. It didnt' help that the underbellies were cherry-picking too.

After the first half, it just didn't seem to click for the Crazy 88's even though they put a lot of hard work in their game play. Things got a little heated between some players....mainly players from the underbellies, but eh...whatever....they're hardcore. I must say that the highlight of the night was when Dale collided with a girl from the underbellies and went flying...nice air time Dale...good air time.

Don't worry team...we'll get it back....we're just getting started.

Might I add that I felt like throwing up, which means that I really need to get into shape.
Helpful hint...don't have beef brisket low mein before the game.....hahahaha!

Let's win next game team!! Don't worry...I won't be there to slow you guys down...hahahha!

check this out

Satellite Fun - Picture BLOG

This is a pretty neat website when you are bored at work.


I hope it doesn't rain tonight....and then we can play our first game of soccer. They already postponed 3 of our games so if they postpone this one it's going to really really suck.

I'm finding it really hard to stay awake at work now....maybe I should get more sleep....I just something to keep me awake. Maybe I should be like Jackson and have a drawer full of candy..hahaha. I think every office has a candy person. Where I work, there's a lady who has a candy dish and everyday she puts candy in there for people to eat.

....let's just say I go and visit her often!! :) hahahaha

I have to replace another string on my guitar....after I just went and got my guitar set up, I broke a string. Good thing I told the guitar people to put my old strings in my case.

ok time to go.....
....please don't rain, please don't rain, please don't rain......

GO CRAZY 88's!!

Friday, June 10, 2005

So Cool...

Spanish is soo cool....it just kinda rolls off of the tongue.
My cubical neighbour is Mexican and so whenever he makes calls or someone calls him, he speaks in Spanish...it definitely sounds cool. It seems like he speaks it so fast too. It's just a whole bunch of words spoken as fast as possible.

I kinda wish I actually learned french instead of just sitting in class staring out the window....ohh man. It's funny too because they actually recommended me to go to French 31A....hahaha...

It seems like everyone at work works out, or is on a diet plan...maybe I should start one too, but how can stop eating the food that I love....the food that I need?? Just this morning I had eggs, bacon, and toast....mmm. I think I'm going to be pleasantly plump by the time my work term ends here.

I guess I am playing soccer soon, so maybe I'll just run super hard and go all out when we play soccer. That's if I don't get a heart attack before the first game....hahaha. Let's hope the next game isn't cancelled.

".....I'll fly away, O Glory, I'll fly away. When I die Hallelujah bye and bye, I'll fly away!"

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bass Anyone??


A bass player to join our worship team!

The only problem is that you have to be at our church for at least a year to be put on the worship team. So you must be willing to stop going to the church that you go to and come to ours :) hahaha

If you are interested....leave a comment!

If you want to learn....leave a comment!! <-- but we don't have any teachers, but I will do my best to find you one!

Hahaha....the reason why I say this is because a lot of the new united stuff you need a bass guitar...all the new worship songs now you need a bass guitar...or else it just doesn't sound the same...

Maybe I should just get someone on the keyboard to play the couple of notes with the bass sound...hahaha

I was kinda thinking though....wouldn't it be cool to have some turn tables on the worship team?? I think that would be cool....

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


What can I buy for my father?

does anyone have suggestions??


Office humor...

I never really understood why movies like Office Space were so funny...I didn't really quite get it, but after one month of working I totally get it now. I think the one that relates to my office the most is the printer. Everyone hates the printer here!! It's a new printer so no one is really used to it, but it's funny because you just see long lines of people waiting for their documents to be printed. It's funny because if you don't choose the right printer you'll send your documents to weird places....washington......australia....hahaha. Watching engineers work with the printer is very entertaining.

No one likes IT people here.....they aren't very helpful...nor are they very nice. I call people saying that I need a certain program or I need a password, and all they do is send me on a phone treasure hunt...you have to call this guy...who then refers me another guy....who then refers me to another guy....who then refers me to the original guy, and after I tell the original guy what I want and I tell him my retarded journey, he finally does it for me....STUPID!

I got my electric guitar setup for the first time on saturday. L & M had a sale that if you bought strings, they would setup your guitar for free. I can't imagine it being a very extensive setup, but none the less...it's still a setup....I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I will....I will.

That's my life...pretty boring...nothing exciting happens to me....
I think our soccer game will be cancelled today....that sucks....looks like I'm just going to get fatter and fatter.....

Thursday, June 02, 2005


So i guess i'll be the last one to blog about YC....
i basically have one word to describe it....INCREDIBLE!

it was absolutely amazing...everything that i dreamed it would be and more!!
i've always been wanting to go to YC ever since it started, and so finally....finally...i got to go!!

I must say that United was awesome....the first night, they were a little bit off, but by the end it really picked up...just jumping i could feel my heart cringe....i was about to have a heart attack, but i told myself...i can't die while United is doing worship!

All the concerts were great... i must give props to hawk nelson...i really only liked a couple of their songs from their album, but when they performed it was awesome...i felt like punking it out with everybody on the floor...i know milton wanted to punk it out too because he even made his own dance....hahahaha

i think the only thing i can possibly add to Kingston's and Milty's blog is on the last night...somehow there was a "utilityish" ball on the floor and so i decided to throw it into the crowd because that's where it came from, but when i threw it, it stuck to my hand and went straight back....not up in the air (like i wanted it to), but straight back! it nailed some girl in the head...hahha...oops!! i felt really bad, but it was a soft ball....ahhahhaha. Kingston saw the whole thing....he even saw her face :)

I must say...Mike Pilavachi was really cool....same with Phil Dooley..they are aweseome speakers...i wonder if we would ever be able to get them for camp....that would be cool.
The fake feud they had between them was pretty funny too, until someone took it literally...and they had to explain to the whole crowd that they were just joking...

So that's all i can think of, but i think of more, then i'll be sure to blog....

The song i want to teach now is.... "I've got a Savior and He's living in me.....whoa!"