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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Hate Motorcylces!!

Motorcycles suck! Especially when the people do stupid things.

I had a scary moment on Sunday. My heart was seriously pounding at a thousand beats per minute.

So there I was on my way to play some football, when I turned from the side street onto Canyon Meadows drive. I had a green light so I proceeded to turn. As I was on Canyon Meadows, I was about 150 yards from the lights so it was safe to change lanes. I checked my rearview mirror, signaled, shoulder checked and proceeded to change lanes because there were no cars.

At the same time, the light turned green on Canyon Meadows and this biker decides to rip it and off the light come speeding. As I was moving into the lane, I see him at the last second and I swerve back into my right lane. The biker freaks out, swerves left, hits the meridian and does like 6 flips end over end and is headed straight for the tree. I see this all in my mirrors and I stop immeadiately.

I get out and check if he's alright and thank God he walked away with just scratches. He starts yelling at me for cutting him off and says it's my fault. I say I signaled and did everything, and so we wait for the cops. When the cops come, they ask me if he hit my car. I said no and he tells me that witnesses saw the biker come in really fast and that it wasn't my fault. Also, since the biker didn't hit my car, I'm just considered a witness and not a part of the collision.

Thank God that the biker was ok and that he didn't hit my car!

The scariest moment was when I saw the bike flip 6 times.....yikes!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Come one....Come all!

Come one, Come all to the fantastic zoo created by Leo!!

I think I'm going to have a South African theme....so you get to see the lions and elephants, and all the other cool animals.

Except the only problem is that I can't buy animals now.....

Ohh well....vote for me! :)

I'm probably going to have no time to upkeep this, but hey, it could be something to do during class!

YAY Zoo...
THe first five people to enter my zoo will receive a 2 for 1 pass for the next time you come to Leo's Zoo! hahahaha....

Thursday, September 07, 2006



I Haven't blogged in a while. Since I've stopped working, there's no time to blog. I'm in class right now. It's really boring. They're teaching us how to use a simulation program called VMGSim, but I think it's just a gimmick to get their product into the market. Pretty smart eh? Teach it to the new students so all they know how to use is this "program" and so when we get into the work world, all we know how to use is this program and so everyone buys it.


Ok....I think it's time for me to go now. There's someone looking over my shoulder....hahahaha....peace out!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Cool Picture Thing-a-ma-jig

Hey Guys,

I discovered a cool picture slideshow thing. I'll probably use this more often to display some pictures. It's handy because it's fairly quick too.

Check it out:

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