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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Adventures in California!

Well, my trip here is almost done. I feed very relaxed!

It was super cool seeing my cousins again and the highlight of the trip was definitely seeing Gooi get married.

What are some other highlights??

Well, going to Universal and Six Flags with my friends was definitely cool. I've never heard Philip scream that loud in my life! :) hahaha....it was cool though because we were all screaming!

At Universal, I've never been on the Mummy the ride, so it was cool to go on it. I won't ruin the ride for anyone, but it was unexpected. Shrek 4-D was cool too. Of course (this one is for Sam) the Terminator 3D was one of the better ones.

At Six Flags, I got to go on a couple of roller coasters that I've never been on. The X definitely was the scariest one, and I think at one point I stopped breathing because we were going so fast, but it was still fun. Tatsu was pretty exciting too.

Other than going to Universal and Six Flags, I've just basically been shopping and chilling at the beach.

I also bought a longboard (skateboard). I wanted to buy one when I saw people riding them on the beach. So I went out and got one. Here is what it looks like.

Anyways, I should be going to sleep now.

I'm back in Calgary soon and then it's time for the job hunt! hahaha.....let's pray summer camp will fit in the work shedule (that's if I get work! hahaha)