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Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Week Gone....


This week has gone by fast. I wish every week could be 4 days long. I wish every weekend could be 4 days long too! hahaha.

I'm getting the urge to buy new toys. What kind of toys you ask?? Umm..I don't know...I just want to buy new toys. I guess I did make a couple of big purchases recently. I think the biggest one was my hockey equipment, but that's for my health right?? :) hahaha....if only my company would pay for that. They pay for my gym membership, but not my sports equipment. DARN!

I've managed to put the Bible on my phone, which is pretty cool....now I'll never forget to bring my Bible on Sundays...haha.....except people will probably think I'm text messaging during the sermons, but I'm really looking at the Bible. I remember I thought Marvin was txting once, because he was scrolling and pushing buttons in his blackberry, but he was really reading the bible and taking notes! Haha....I thought it was weird at first, but it's actually pretty cool. I don't think I'll be taking notes on my phone though...that will take way to long with the T9 haha.

What else...hmm....I manage to connect to the internet with my DS, and because of that, I was playing Mario Kart with people all over the world! :) hahaha. The DS is really a cool little game console. Ingenius I tell ya....Those Nintendo people are brilliant.

Anyways....I'm pretty sure no one reads these anymore....at least not mine. Even the creepers out there have stopped....haha

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Wake me up When September Ends"


Now that I don't have any school or anything and since I'm at work so early, I figured I have some time to blog. I haven't blog in a while yet again so here are just a couple of things that are going on.

I've started my new job at the end of August. It's been pretty good so far and the people here are super nice. I get my own office and I even get my very own neighbour to share it with....so I guess it's not my own. I was originally in a cubical, but they moved me. I don't know which one I like better....a cubical or an office?? I had a little more privacy in my cubical, but it's not that much more different than the office.

Since being at work, I've participated with the company in the CCC (corporate challenge). We did ok, but not that good! hahaha. It was still fun. I actually scored a goal in soccer so I was happy with myself.

hmmmm...what else...I have a renewed passion for YAC again. It's a different one. It's strange because a lot of our youth are getting older and it's strange to see them as young adults. I mean David is in grade 12?!?!?! What the heck? I remember when he was a 14 year old kid...that looked like he was in grade 12...hahaha j/k. I think my goal now is to be able to make the youth self sustainable. Make it so that they can grow in God all by themselves, and I want to prepare them for life after high school.

The intercessory prayer times before YAC started out well. We had a great turnout. In my head, I just think...wouldn't it be cool to see all these people that we've been praying for in YAC.

There's going to be a lot of changes nest year. The next year is going to be totally different. I wonder how much more longer will I be in it?

I bought the new David Crowder CD. It's pretty good. It's a lot like his other songs. I've noticed that he has a lot of songs that just repeat a sentence or a phrase over and over again...haha, but that's his stylo!

Foreverandever, Etc.

Ok this post is long enough.

So long peeps.....have a great week!