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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


So here's how the conversation went:

Telephone Rings....

Leo: "Hello?"

My Uncle 8: "Leo?? My basement is flooded, can you go to Uncle 5's house and pick up the water pump and bring it to my house please?? It's flooding really fast....HURRY"

At that time, I just finished vacuuming the house and I was sitting down watching some TV, but I didn't walk my dog yet. I quickly got up, grabbed my dog and ran outside.

In true Cash fashion, he promptly pee'd on the school field and pooped a little later on. Then I quickly ran back to the house and fed him.

Then I thought...ohh it's going to be flooded so I'll wear some crappy clothes. It just so happens that I have flood pants and a somewhat "easy dry" t-shirt so I put those on. I think the flood pants only go to my ankles so it looks really really funny.

I quickly ran out of the house and into my garage, I grab a hose from my garage and throw it in the trunk because I figure, we might need an extra hose to drain the water. I then pull out of my garage and speed off to my Uncle's house to pick up the pump.

I get to my Uncle's house and he answers the door. Then he says, "the water pump is downstairs, can you help me get it please" and then he books it down the stairs. I've never seen him run down the stairs so fast. I couldn't keep up. Then, when I finally got down the stairs, I hear a big "SURPRISE!!"

Downstairs is all my cousins and my church friends! They were there to surprise me! I was confused for a moment and at one point, I thought....."where's the pump?" and then it clued in. It was a wonderful birthday party!


The new United CD comes out TODAY! It should be really good because it's all recorded live at the different places they've been to. I wonder if they have their appearance at YC on there....I doubt it...haha, but that would be cool!

The new Hawk Nelson CD is also out today. I wonder if it's good? Their other CD's weren't too bad. Maybe I'll go pick that one up too.....we'll see.