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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blogging with the iPhone

So I'm testing this out to see if I can actually blog with my phone and it seems to be working just fine. That's cool!! Maybe I should not be so stingy and actually pay for a data plan....nah!! Hahaha

today church sermon really hit home for me. It was one that I was really interested in and I totally felt that God was speaking to me. Pastor Gordon (PG) talked about how David brought the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem and in his first. Try at it, he disobeyed God's commands of handling the ark and exuded to do something lavish. Then PG brought up points about quality over quantity. He was saying that churches these days are more focussed on quantity instead of quality and sometimes that's not what God has called us to do. This got me thinking about Yac. Are we worried about the quantity over the quality??

I admit that my focus hasn't always been there for the past couple of months and that's probably because I need to figure out what my role is in Yac. I want to have a stronger relationship with the youth, but I don't know if that's my role now....I still need to pray about it.

The main thing for me to remember is that it's not the number of youth that come to Yac, but it's the quality of the people that come. I want to raise a generation that seeks Gods face and that truly have a relationship with Jesus. Not a youth group where we can boast about how awesome our events are or about how many people come out to it.

The story in the Bible about David is quite interesting and I think there are tns to learn from it. Check it out. 2 Samuel 6 (David disobeys God). 1 Chronicles 15 (David handling the ark the right way)

peACe out