Da BeezNeez

"Playing away..."

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Good Game Guys

After a very tiring time, the Crazy 88's fell to the fleshy underbellies, who might I say had no underbellies at all!!

At first, it was all going pretty good up until halfway through the first half where the underbellies scored a goal. After the first goal things just kept on getting harder and harder and more tiring for the Crazy 88's. It didnt' help that the underbellies were cherry-picking too.

After the first half, it just didn't seem to click for the Crazy 88's even though they put a lot of hard work in their game play. Things got a little heated between some players....mainly players from the underbellies, but eh...whatever....they're hardcore. I must say that the highlight of the night was when Dale collided with a girl from the underbellies and went flying...nice air time Dale...good air time.

Don't worry team...we'll get it back....we're just getting started.

Might I add that I felt like throwing up, which means that I really need to get into shape.
Helpful hint...don't have beef brisket low mein before the game.....hahahaha!

Let's win next game team!! Don't worry...I won't be there to slow you guys down...hahahha!