Da BeezNeez

"Playing away..."

Thursday, June 16, 2005


I hope it doesn't rain tonight....and then we can play our first game of soccer. They already postponed 3 of our games so if they postpone this one it's going to really really suck.

I'm finding it really hard to stay awake at work now....maybe I should get more sleep....I just something to keep me awake. Maybe I should be like Jackson and have a drawer full of candy..hahaha. I think every office has a candy person. Where I work, there's a lady who has a candy dish and everyday she puts candy in there for people to eat.

....let's just say I go and visit her often!! :) hahahaha

I have to replace another string on my guitar....after I just went and got my guitar set up, I broke a string. Good thing I told the guitar people to put my old strings in my case.

ok time to go.....
....please don't rain, please don't rain, please don't rain......

GO CRAZY 88's!!