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Thursday, June 02, 2005


So i guess i'll be the last one to blog about YC....
i basically have one word to describe it....INCREDIBLE!

it was absolutely amazing...everything that i dreamed it would be and more!!
i've always been wanting to go to YC ever since it started, and so finally....finally...i got to go!!

I must say that United was awesome....the first night, they were a little bit off, but by the end it really picked up...just jumping i could feel my heart cringe....i was about to have a heart attack, but i told myself...i can't die while United is doing worship!

All the concerts were great... i must give props to hawk nelson...i really only liked a couple of their songs from their album, but when they performed it was awesome...i felt like punking it out with everybody on the floor...i know milton wanted to punk it out too because he even made his own dance....hahahaha

i think the only thing i can possibly add to Kingston's and Milty's blog is on the last night...somehow there was a "utilityish" ball on the floor and so i decided to throw it into the crowd because that's where it came from, but when i threw it, it stuck to my hand and went straight back....not up in the air (like i wanted it to), but straight back! it nailed some girl in the head...hahha...oops!! i felt really bad, but it was a soft ball....ahhahhaha. Kingston saw the whole thing....he even saw her face :)

I must say...Mike Pilavachi was really cool....same with Phil Dooley..they are aweseome speakers...i wonder if we would ever be able to get them for camp....that would be cool.
The fake feud they had between them was pretty funny too, until someone took it literally...and they had to explain to the whole crowd that they were just joking...

So that's all i can think of, but i think of more, then i'll be sure to blog....

The song i want to teach now is.... "I've got a Savior and He's living in me.....whoa!"