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Friday, May 27, 2005

Only 2 more hours left

There's only two more hours left and then work is over!!!


I can order business cards now...i get my very own business cards....i might just frame one of them just because it would be hilarious!!

I also bought steel toe boots...and coveralls....all company paid for...it's great!!

Ok time to go back to work...

Friday, May 20, 2005


So i was listening to the radio on the way to work today and they were saying stuff like..."c'mon guys you need to support michael w smith in his concert..... if the rolling stones can sell out in 20 mins, why can't michael w smith" and other stuff like "if this sells well, then maybe more christian artist will come to calgary". The whole time they were saying this they never mentioned the price at all. So at work i decided to check out how much they were and do you know how much they are??? $50-$60!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!

$50-$60 for michael w smith!?!?!? THAT'S TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT!! who does he think he is??

what bugs me even more is that they say that no bands come to calgary because no one supports it. We don't support it because they never bring in anyone good....why would you even get him for the last day of stampede?? WHY!? it totally blows my mind..

why would i pay $50 to see michael w smith, when i can pay $80 and see united, delirious, kutless, audio adrenaline, etc.

that's my rant...bring in good bands...then we'll sell out....

oh and for those of you who are interested, united will be at tehillah monday, but apparently you had to buy tickets....and they are SOLD OUT!!

i didn't know you had to buy tickets.....sorry for those peeps who were really looking forward to it. See, they should have had a big worship fest at the saddledome with united and a whole bunch of other bands on the last day of stampede...i definitely would have bought a ticket.

ok time to work now.

Friday, May 13, 2005

At work...


there goes my first week. It's 4:16 and in 15 mins, my first week will be over. My company is a very good company! I enjoy it a lot.

There's a lot to learn, but i think i'm slowly getting it. I already kinda finished one project that was given to me...I just have to go to the power plants and get some information.

In the next couple of weeks, i'll be heading to ft. saskatchewan, ft. mac, and sundance. Good thing the company pays for it. We'll either drive or fly...oooo ahh my first business trip.

I apparently have a cubical where all the managers sit and so everyone is really jealous because I have a window...but i'm only sitting here until they can find me a spot....sseeessh guys...relax!

They give you whatever you want here...there's an entire room filled with stationary where you can help yourself, and in the kitchen there's all the different kinds of tea. They even gave me a headset so i can listen to music and work at the same time!!

I want to go to summer camp and hawaii and that requires taking 2 weeks off. My boss said it was ok just as long as i make up the hours before hand. That means i have to do 80 hrs of overtime....yikes!! 80 hours....ohh well....some how, some way, i'll get it done.

Ok I'm only going to listen to one more song and then i'm off for the weekend....
and the number one song for this week is....

"twenty-four" by switchfoot!

Thanks for tuning in folks...stay tuned next week for the number one song of the week!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Road Trip

So my two aunts are in town from HK, and so we decided to go to edmonton on Saturday to visit my cousin.

Imagine this....going down the highway inside the car. I can't put my cds in the stereo because they don't like my music. So what do I have to listen to??? Yup that's right...Chinese stuff. It wouldn't be so bad if it was actually music, but it was a sermon in mandarin!! ahh!! It was so boring. I could understand a couple of things, you know, the basics like Jesus...1...2...3 hahaha, but for the most part I had no clue. What's even more funny is the fact that the cd skipped, and I didn't really notice it so we must have been listening to the same part for about 5 mins...hahaha!!

The edmonton trip was alright, but it was really rushed. We first went to a restaurant to eat...it had a weird name like "Good Buddy" or something like that. Food was ok, not great, but ok. Then I checked out U of A with my cousin, walked down whyte ave, then to E3C (my cousin's church), and then we ended up in west edmonton mall. I don't think we stayed in one area for more than 30 mins.

I haven't been to edmonton for like 10 years. It was pretty cool going back to west ed. though and bringing back all those childhood memories of going to galaxy land, and playing all those carnie games.

Everything was like a new experience for me. It's funny because I was in a new city and all the places seem foreign, and then I saw it...right before my eyes....there was 3 beautiful characters "T & T" hahaha! It's funny how much I feel at home inside the T & T. They were even giving out samples of food....mmm....green tea ice cream cake....

Well that was my road trip. Left calgary at 8:00AM, went to edmonton, and came back to calgary at 9:00PM.

This was the pre-YC tour....when YC comes it's going to be awesome!

Friday, May 06, 2005

If you are going to use it...PUT IT BACK!

I hate it when people borrow things and they don't give it back in the condition that it was originally in.

What in the world makes you think that you can alter and change what you borrow?? is it yours?? NO!! DON'T MESS WITH IT! just use it and replace it....it's that easy!

anger builds up inside of me....hahahhaha!


Man...reading all this stuff for work is kind of really boring! :) But then again...it's work. I'm kinda scared about starting on monday....what will they give me to do? What if they find out that i'm really really stupid?? and that the only reason why i'm getting through engineering is because of my friends? hahaha

I'm itching to buy something, but the funds aren't there...not yet, but in a months time, i'm definitely going to have something new.

It is such a small world sometimes. So my cousin came down from edmonton, and while he was here, he decided to call his friends from his church who so happened to be in calgary. So we decided to go for wings and when i walk in....it's people that i know too!! Weird!

Just like how you are reading this boring blog...it's time for me go back reading boring things....

I wish i could go surfing....