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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Quarter turn to the left...


Now I'm really hurting...I must have kinked something snowboarding because it is very difficult to turn my head a quarter to the left.....

Other than that...snowboarding was FUN!

Other than the slight coldness and the snow falling, it was great being up there. I really like the mountains...they're so cool.

Christmas was good this year. Even though I didn't have my family here to share it with, I had my other extended family and my friends. It was a good time.

Now, due to lack of sleep, I have a headache on top of my body soreness.

On another note...someone said I was getting fat the other day...so I gotta start losing weight......AHHHH!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Insane Downloading

Okay, so I get a phone call this morning and on the caller ID it says "Compaq Info".

So I'm thinking, "I wonder what they want?"

I pick up the phone and they say.

"Hi Leo, this is blah blah from Compaq. What are you doing?"

I respond, "Huh? what do you mean?"

"Well in our office here, you are setting off tons of alarms!"

"Oh...I'm just listening to an online radio station" I responded.

"I see...well..ok...I personally don't care, but I just wanted to let you know that you are on the radar now. We're just checking to make sure you aren't downloading a movie or anything. In the past hour, it says that you've downloaded 1.7GB of stuff."

"Oh...wow...1.7GB eh?"

The internet po po is on my tail. I wonder if it was the brother in law of another internet po po I know...hahaha.

.....Dang...I guess I can't listen to anymore radio online....hehehe I was actually watching MTV...hahaha.

On a different note:

I went to Wal-Mart the other day and I bought Christmas Cards. So today, I decided to bring them to work and write some Christmas cards. When I opened the box, I noticed something terribly wrong.


So if you get a French card from me, don't be puzzled....haha.

Oui oui, vous comprenez?

Monday, December 19, 2005

Let the eating begin!!

Man...I'm full. I don't think I'll be able to eat tonight for the church banquet.

Today my manager took his group to the Vintage Chophouse.

All I can say is... "Un-freaking-believable!" I've never been in such a nice restaurant before.

The design and layout of the tables are really classy and business-like and they greet you and they even take your jackets.

There's a large selection of wines that range from like $75.00 a bottle to like $400.00 plus, and when they bring you the wine, they let you sample it and swish it around to see if you like it.

I had calamari to start, which was lightly battered and seasoned and for the main course, I had the prime rib sandwich. "An 8 oz. prime rib on a focaccia bun with salad." It was very tasty. For dessert, I had a pear & cranberry crisp with ice cream. The dessert was alright, but the only reason why it wasn't good was because the pears were not ripe enough. My manager ordered a bottle of wine, which was also very good. At least that's what they said. Don't worry...I didn't drink any! :)

I highly recommmend the place, but it is quite costly. I think I'll take my parents there when they come back. Make sure you dress business casual when you go though or else they'll give you the big up and down...hahaha.

God has really blessed me with this great job. I don't think I would have ever gone to a restaurant like that if I wasn't working here.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Fountains of Chocolate...

mmm....fountains of chocolate.....

TransAlta had their building Christmas party yesterday....it was unbelievable!

Here what was on the menu

On the main floor:
- 2 chefs on each side of the lobby cooking shrimp for anyone who requested it.
- 2 caterers on each side of the lobby cooking roast beef
- chicken skewers and beef skewers along with some other greek food
- sushi
- desserts (cake, cookies, etc)
- a fountain....yes a fountain that was flowing chocolate so people can have chocolate fondue

On the second floor:
- More desserts
- More Greek food


Today we have our department Christmas party.....I think they're going to make me do something, but I don't know what. I have to go to a special meeting at 10:30, but the actual Christmas party is at 2:30...

Sunday they gave me tickets to go see the zoo lights...it's a good thing being an energy company...everyone needs energy...

Monday my manager is taking me out for lunch at the Vintage Chophouse...

Tuesday I think my supervisor is taking me out before she goes on holidays....

My Christmas party is a 5 day affair....hahaha....kinda like a certain "someone's" birthday! :) hehe

Oh and I have a party with my friends on Saturday, but it's not work related :)

You think my company party is extravagant?

I think Encana rented out the Telus convention center and it was absolutely filled with food....good food. They had like 10, 6ft chocolate fondue fountains...and last year they had the Barenaked Ladies to perform! That company has so much money, they don't know what to do with it....it's literally coming out of their butts!

Getting fat this Christmas....that's fo shizzle! :) hahaha

Here's the music video of the week...hahaha

Hawk Nelson "California"

Have a great weekend everybody!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I had a scary moment last night...

I just finished eating dinner and I was just sitting in front of the TV and then, "ding dong...klunk klunk klunk". I know who that is, she always hits my door key because she wants to make my dog bark. Anyways, it was Jacklyn & Andrew at the door. I gave her the stuff that she needed, and we had a nice little conversation and she said she was going to go to Wal-Mart to shop and asked if I wanted to go. I said no and escorted them out.

After that, I sat back down and started to watch TV, and then I saw that "8 Days of Christmas" with Adam Sandler was on, and so I decided to watch that. About five minutes into the movie, I fell asleep...and then it begins...

I had a weird dream/nightmare...
I was by a lake, and there was a little boy. This little boy was being chased by people and so I quickly picked him up and started running for the lake. As I am running for the lake, the boy is saying, "I can't swim, I can't swim" and I replied, "Don't worry, you'll be able to when you get there". We finally reach the lake and the people are still chasing us and so I dip the little boy's feet into the water and then he slowly begins to transform into a merboy....yup a merboy. So I throw him in and he turns back, says thank you and swims away. Then all of a sudden, I'm in this white room and in the middle was a small sized pool and in the pool was the little boy. I quickly ran to him to see if he is alright and when I got there, I hear this chanting....this chanting keeps on getting louder and louder. I tried to protect the boy, but the chanting just kept on coming and it felt like something was coming down on us. You know sort of like the black thing from "the grudge". In my spirit, I was really uneasy about the chanting, and in my dream it seemed like I understood the chanting...it was starting to become overbearing and scary that I started to toss and turn. I became half awake just enough look at the tv and on tv was a movie where they were in Africa and a witch lady was placing a curse on the person and the chanting that I was hearing was coming from her.

I quickly got up and changed the channel and turned off the tv. I got really uneasy awake and I went to my room. I was so freaked out that I didn't want to go back to sleep, but then I prayed and fell asleep an hour later.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


After reading Jackson's blog, I just had to blog....hehe....just to get points....nothing else.

I owned a horse from eau claire.
I wasn't really into it as much as my cousin was though.....I remeber Jacklyn being really into it too...hahaha

I forget my horse's name......
....raced it once and whipped it too hard and so it lost...
....fed him the wrong food and so he was angry with me....
....raced it again...didn't whip it as hard, but it still lost...
...left eau claire and threw away the card...

...and thus ended my horse racing career.


So after a long day of working 10 hrs, it was time to go home.

As I got to my back door, I noticed this really annoying sound. At first, I thought it was coming from my neighbour's house and so I quickly ignored it, but as I listened more carefully, I realized that it was coming from my house...and then I realized it was my fire alarm!

Oh No! My fire alarm is going off...crap. So I quickly reached for my keys. As I am fumbling away, I finally get the key that opens the door and then I felt the doorknob....nope not warm. So I open the door and the sound just gets louder..... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. I quickly stuck my nose in the air to see if I could smell smoke and I looked around to see if I could see smoke. I saw a little bit of haze, but that was just because I came from outside. I could smell a little burning, but I think that was from the heat and my mind thinking there was a fire. I quickly searched for the source of the sound and it was coming from the basement, so I quickly ran downstairs. Yup, it was my fire alarm, and it was loud. I think it was going off for the enitre day because the alarm kinda smelled burnt from blairing that awful noise. I ripped the battery out and breathed a sigh of relief....looked around...no fire. Stuck my nose the air one more time to see if there was any smells....nope....no burnt toast.

That concludes my fire story...ok fank you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Got Rice?

Yesterday, I made rice for the first time since my parents left. I dunno why I made rice...I usually wait till the weekends to eat rice simply because we are in Chinatown and we usually go to places like Gee Gong, Sushi Tokyo, etc. Yesterday however, after practice, I felt like eating rice so I went to the local chinese restaurant and said, "yut bong cha siu....mmm goi", and then I went home and cooked rice and lettuce. It was just like eating a "deep tao fan" at a restaurant, except for the fact that I might have added a little too much water to the rice and so it was a little bit soggy, but next time I'll know how much water to add. I just wasn't sure on the amount of water to add and I didn't want to wreck my mom's rice cooker.

I wrote my final exam yesterday too...it was alright...super long though. They gave us one of those lined paper booklets to write our answers in, and in all my years of university I have never filled it up.....until yesterday. By the time I was finished my exam the entire book was filled. Not filled with words because that's pretty simple, but it was filled with numbers, equations, and formulas. 8 Questions total!! Who does that?!?! Who Gives 8 questions for a 500 level course? and each question easily takes 20-25 mins. I didn't even have enough time to check over my answers...oh well...I think I did alright. Now I just have to write my stupid report...BAH! Does anybody know the effect of temperature on capillary pressure? hahaha.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Well it's settled...

Well...looks like I won't be seeing my parents for a while. Christmas is going to be interesting.

HOUSE FOR SALE (Seriously):
- A short distance from Lake Bonavista
- Really close to Andrew Sibbald Elementary School (2 mins of walking)
- Right on Lake Bonavista Drive
- House is part of Leo's Childhood...

Reason for selling: I guess they found another place? Decided to live somewhere else?

Any takers?

Hahaha....did you think it was my house? No, my parents aren't selling the house. The people across the street are selling theirs though. It just so happens that I used to live in that house too...hahaha...a long time ago...when I was in Grade 2.

Did I trick you?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Makes you think...

So my cube neighbour popped in today. I haven't seen him all week.

I asked him, "Busy week?"

He said, "Tough week, I've been in and out of the hospital..."

"What's happened??" I asked.

"My kid is really sick....(sighs)...they think it might be cancer.."

My heart just broke. This guy is a new guy in the company and he just moved all the way here from Sarnia, Ontario. What's even worse is that his kid is really young. I'm not too sure which one, but his oldest is only like 3 yrs old. His youngest is like 14 months...

...makes you really think about life and what's really important. None of this really matters...it's the life and death situations that actually matter.

This family is East Indian and so I'm not too sure what he believes, but I'll definitely be praying for his son. I ask that you also join me in praying for him.

"God, I pray that you heal my co-workers son. I pray that it wouldn't be cancer, and that you would heal him for your glory. This child's life is in your hands. Please heal him. Help me to comfort my friend as well. Help his family in this difficult time. Protect them Lord, and open doors. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen"

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I used to be so good at it.

I used to be able to sit down and fake an entire report with the one or two points that actually made sense. Now it's getting difficult. I can't seem to do it...I sit in front of this stupid computer and all I get is a blank...BAH!

I wish this report would be over and finished with...this just reminds me of how much I dislike school...and how much I wish I was finished.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My First Casaulty

AHH!!! NOOOO!! Just when I thought I was a prostar at doing this and then this has to happen...

I wrecked my favorite RW&Co sweater....noooo!

I thought all the bleach was gone...how could just end up like this???

The good thing is that it is not all that noticable. It's on the cuff of the sleeve. The original color was a bluish-green, but now there are spots of pink...hmmff...pink...i hate pink. I also left it on the hanger for a little bit too long and now there's those stupid hanger spots! I hate those as well because they stick up from your shoulder and it makes it look like you are growing horns from your shoulders. BAH!

I hope none of my other clothes are ruined...I haven't had a chance to go through my laundry. Maybe I should just wear crappy clothes to work...then I can wreck them all I want. Ok...next week I'm going to wear my jogging pants and my brown long-sleeve shirt...hehehe

Stupid laundry...I'll get you next time!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Almost time...

It's almost time for the end of the day....only 1 hour left...

Well, this week's music video of the week was a tough choice. They both are from the same artist, but I can only choose one. The two choices I had was "Yellow" and "Fix You" by Coldplay. I only had "Yellow" stuck in my head because I heard a cover of it on the O.C. last night. I guess the cover was alright, but I just had to hear the original and so today I watched the music video. I like "Fix You" because even though it is very repetitive, it has some sort of power behind it. It almost sounds like a worship song just the way it is setup. Soft at first and grows towards a climax. It's a really simple song, but I really like the guitar in it...haha.

So the winner this week is....

Coldplay "Fix You"

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ahem...May I Have Your Attention Please...