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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Confused....HELP PLEASE

I'm a little confused at the moment.

I was thinking today.

You know how everyone knows the example that if you throw a frog in a pot of boiling water, it'll jump out immediately, but if you had the frog in cool water and slowly begin to heat it up, it would eventually die. I started to think about that story and the state of christianity today.

What if....and this is saying what if, we were slowly being boiled and we don't even know about it? What if we were slowly changing the Bible ever so slightly that the true meaning, the original meaning of what God wanted us to hear is totally gone?? For example, "The Message"....I'm not saying that "The Message" is wrong or anything, but I've read some things that don't really make sense. The Message seems to take the language of a modern world, but in some instances, it is making it seem "nicer" than it seems...more appealing to the modern person?? Couldn't some of the paraphrasing be misinterpreted?? and what if someone takes that version and paraphrases it again...would some of the meaning be lost?? Maybe I'm just not that great with my english to fully comprehend the context of some of the words.

Some things that also creates an urk inside me is the emergent church. It kind of seems like they are more of a "new age" kind of church with the chanting and all that. Also with the relaxed church services, where people sit at tables and drink coffee. Services they say that are "seeker sensitive", but isn't that just masking christianity. How sensitive should we be before we go too far.

Because of this, are we raising a generation of people that know very little about the Bible and the truths?

You know the Bible says that there will be false prophets, but when we say false prophets, we usually think of someone to totally goes against the teachings of Jesus, but what if these prophets are people that misinterpret, guide people to what they think are the teachings of Jesus???

Am I becoming like the generation before me??? Where they think that something like the drums has no place in the church?? Is this stuff the new wave of christianity???

Monday, January 30, 2006


Wow...this weekend was AWESOME.
It felt like we were in Edmonton for a week, but it was only a couple of days. Although I was tired, it was still very refreshing and just plain AWESOME. Here are some of the highlights.

Day 1 (Friday Night)
The speaker was Ken Davis. Ohh man...he's so hilarious. I almost stopped breathing it was that funny. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, but it was also refreshing because it was good clean humor. Listen to this... There's 2 clips. The second clip is a story he used at Breakforth...hahaha still laughing.

Day 2 (Saturday)
I went to a youth workshop and guess who was teaching it?? Yup, that's right...it was Ron Powell, our summer camp speaker for 2005. It was so nice to see him again. He had really good points and I learned a lot. Afterwards I had a talk witth him, and he might be coming to Calgary to do something at Tehila, so we'll see if we can arrange something for him to come to YAC....that would be awesome.

The next workshop for me was "Losing Yourself in Jesus" and guess who was teaching that?? It was Darrell Evans. He's one of the first christian artists that I listened to and by listening to his music, it made me want to play the guitar. So to see him and to hear him speak was just amazing. He's such a down to earth, cool guy too. He doesn't carry himself as this fantastic musician that is above everyone else, but he's the kind of guy who you can just walk up to and joke with. He's really funny too.

Then there was the evening service which worship was led by Twyla Paris. She's definitely an old school artist. She was big back in the Michael W Smith and Amy Grant days. Her worship reminded me of Johnny and Paul Kong, and she had this amazing violinist, which totally brought the worship to a different level....I wish I could have recorded it....hehehe....then I can play it for Jenny and say...."I want you to learn this" hahaha :)

After service was the Darrell Evans Concert. Imaging having "Trading My Sorrows" as one of your favorite songs of all time and then having the person who made that song lead in worship. It was sooooooo cool. He sang his other songs like "Freedom", "Your Love is Extravagent", and other ones. Hearing those songs reminded me of riding in Sam's car and having everyone singing wildly and the spontaneous singing of "Where the Spirit of the Lord is...THERE IS FREEDOM"...hahaha....good times...good times.

Day 3 (Sunday)
There's nothing like starting a Sunday morning than having an intimate worship cafe with Tim Hughes. There's just one word to describe it.....UNBELIEVABLE. His worship leading is definitely something to be experienced.

I have more highlights, but I'll save them for another time. All in all, I learned a lot this weekend, and I definitely know what I want to teach in YAC too.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ohh Man

Ohh Hawaii...how I miss you...hahaha....

I wish I could go there again. There's so much that I didn't do....things that I didn't buy.....time is running out, but too bad I have freakin classes. I dislike school. What do you learn in school? You never use what you learn in the real world. My internship job......nothing....absolutely nothing that I've done here I learned from school. The only thing that I've used from school is grade 11 stoich from chem....other than that, it's been procedures, spreadsheets, presentations....I guess they say that school prepares the mind....yes, it may be for some, but for others it's just crap...hahaha.

My great plan for lightening up my schedule for 4th year has a flaw. Originally, I wanted to take a spring class, but the spring class that I want to take is at 11:00 am...which I can't do because I'm working. They have the same class again in the summer and it's at 5:00pm, which I can do, but the only thing is that I'd have to miss summer camp.....and that sucks....so that's a no. I might also be going to LA in August if the rumors are true, which means I could very well end up missing summer camp...hopefully not though.

oooo....one more hour until I go to the great white north.....I forgot my mp3 player too.....crappy....oh well......I guess I can catch up on some sleep.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


WHOA!! Look at this!! CRAZY....

I want to get one....why?? not for it's spectacular resolution, but for the fact that it's cool, portable, and COOL!! They say it'll cost less than $800 US I think.....

If you are asking what it is...I will tell you. It is a mini projector. They say it's pocket sized, but that's only if you are wearing a trenchcoat....

I'm definitely going to look into buying this....hahaha.


Today I feel like doing nothing.....it's 7:45AM...and I feel like doing nothing.

Yesterday I had class.....it was boring....very boring.

So I've calculated the distance from Sam's house to the Shaw conference centre.....it is....2.8 km, which is about a 3 min drive.....so that means it's like a 25 min walk?? not bad...not bad....maybe we'll end up walking because it's close, but were going to be in Edmonton.....everyone knows it's not safe in Edmonton...hahaha j/k.

I guess I have to work at the plant on Friday, which kind of is convenient so I'll be in Edmonton already, but I'll be nice and dirty covered in coal by the time I get to breakforth...hahaha. I wonder if we have assigned seating or is it a free for all....I hope it's assigned seats....christians go crazy when they have to get seats....they become very vicious...kind of like BJ when she's playing ultimate....hahaha.

A whole bunch of people from South Alliance are going too so hopefully we can all chill together. I wonder if anyone from S. E. Free is going? Probably....they're usually pretty gung-ho about it.

the YAC blog comments are pretty funny....haha.....those kids are so cool....I'm excited for what's going to happen this year. It's just amazing when I look at YAC. God is totally shaping them to be great followers of Jesus. I thank God that we have these kids, and most of them come from non-christian backgrounds too....awesome....just awesome....


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The 2:00 Wall

Lately I've been hitting the 2:00 wall. What's the 2:00 wall you ask?

Well, it's right after a nice 1 hour lunch. Everytime I finish lunch, I start work, and almost everyday at 2:00 I fall asleep. I don't know what it is, but when 2:00 rolls around, my eyes get really heavy and I get really drowsy. I need to control it, or else 2:00 will be my designated nap time at work....and that's not good at all!!

Work was pretty slow today and so I went and played foosball with my Mexican intern...hahaha....I schooled him. I shouldn't say my intern....hahaha.

Can't wait until Breakforth is here. Why you ask? Because it'll be a chance to get away from the city and see people. People like Rev. Powell (I hope I run into him), Sam, Nathan, Kutless, Darryl Evans, Tim Hughes...hahaha....yeah...we're all close :)

Whatever you do....don't hit the 2:00 wall!! With the 2:00 wall, my nap times are now 9:00, 10:30, 1:00, 2:00, and 3:30.....hahahaha....j/k

Take it easy folks!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Good Timing...

I found out that everything in this world is timed. When people work downtown, they are just robots....everything is the same.

For example.
- the morning, I park at church and I start walking. I know that if I walk at a certain speed, I will make these certain lights.
- I always pass by a women wearing a white jacket, walking the other way in the middle of 5th and 6th ave. Today she was early...I caught her at the end of 5th.
- I walk through Petro Can Building and there's a nice security man who greets everyone at the door. "Good Morning" I say. It's amazing what a cheerful security guard can do for your day.
- I have start walking a little bit faster or else I'll miss the lights to cross 6th ave.
- From 6th ave, if I walk at a certain speed I hit all the lights until 9th ave
- I have to start walking early, before the turn signal stops in order to catch the light at 10th ave
- From there it's straight green until my office.
- Reach my office at 7:11 on the dot.

Robots.....Robots I say.

I wonder if anyone else notices these things??

I think my company blocked the website that I usually go to for music videos....therefore I can no longer watch music videos.....BAH!!

Does this video work for anyone??

Switchfoot "We Are One Tonight"

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Passed out!

Yesterday I went to sleep early....first time in a while, but I just needed the rest.

First off, I went and bought half a duck from chinatown for dinner, and then I went home and cooked my dinner. MMMMMM.......duck.....the best thing is that I don't have to share with anyone so I can have all the good pieces! :) hahaha.

Then, I sat in front of the idiot box watching a new TV show, Love Monkey, and Smallville. Love Monkey is not an overly exciting show filled with action, but it's pretty entertaining just watching it and not thinking at all. Smallville was the same as usual though......NO Mrs. Kent.....don't take that money from Lionel!!

Then my parents called....I talked to them for a bit.....and after that, I decided to go online and talk some people I haven't talked to for a while and check up on them. It was a nice relaxing night.

After my adventures on MSN, I went to my room, turned on the radio and listened to a sermon....hahha....can you believe it?? I usually don't do this, but I do occasionally, and I'm glad I did this time. It was focus on the family and the speaker was this woman (Liz Curtis Higgs) who has made it her goal to put laughter back into the church. I think she's was right about todays church and her sermon was pretty funny. After that, I passed out at 10:30pm....boring post...I know...

Today, I have to pay some bills.....and then go to class....stupid class....

Tomorrow is our first basketball game....let's hope we don't our butts handed to us too badly. We're going to lose for sure, but by how much is what really matters...hahaha

Friday, January 13, 2006


Well that time has come again....wonderful Fridays.

My class was so boring yesterday. I couldn't stay awake. My head was bobbing back and forth and I was only catching bits and pieces of the lecture, but lucky thing when I did fall asleep, the class was over...hahaha.

Tomorrow I have another class to attend. Hopefully, this one will be a little more interesting, but it goes for 3 hrs....I don't know if I can take it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What the?!?!

My body aches. Oh the pain....the pain....

...when I walk it hurts, when I sit it hurts, when I do ANYTHING it hurts...
It definitely has been a very long time since I played football, but it was still very fun and very enjoyable.

I start my class today. Hopefully I will have enough energy to stay awake in class. I pray that it is easy as well...I don't want to be in a freaking hard class...no one wants that! :)

I found more white hairs today....it seems like for every 1 I pull out, 3 more show up. Man...I don't want to have white hair....unless I get cool lightning bolt hair on the sides :) Ok no more pulling hair, I'll save that for my exams in my last year of school....

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Nothing like a good extra large steep tea in the morning.

I realize it is the afternoon now, but I forgot to blog this morning and so I'm doing it now.

However, there's nothing for me to blog about.

I did get my mark back for the class that I did in the Fall....meh...it was alright. I was kinda hoping it would be better, but at least I passed and another course it out of the way. I start another class on Tuesday. This one is going to be difficult because it's at 7:00 at night. I don't konw how much energy I'll have left after my days at work. Ohh well...anything to make my 4th year lighter.

YAC has a blog now, so if you are ever wondering what the event is for that friday, check out: www.yacinfo.blogspot.com. I guarantee there will be messages and recent posts. There's even pictures of our events.

Ok that's all for now....catch ya on da flip side.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Oh Canada!

I went to Banff for my day off yesterday with a couple of my friends. It was cool, really nice, and really relaxing.

I went to a couple of things that I haven't been to for a long time. I went on the gondola ride all the way to the top. It's pretty good up there, but I suggest going in the morning because that's when everything is bright.

Then we went to go eat at the Bnaff Springs Hotel. It's changed since the last time I was there, but we were lucky because we got there on the last day of the lunch buffet for the weekdays. Mmmmm...they serve really good food.....bacon wrapped cod, lamb, prime rib, maple glazed salmon, calimari, smoked salmon, seafood pasta (made when you order). It was good. I am definitely going to bring my family there.

Then we went on a hike to Bow Falls, except we went through a back way or something, and when we reached Bow Falls, it said that the trail we were on was closed....hahaha....didn't looked closed, but we still took a walk.

After the walk, we went to the caves, which I thought went deeper, but it wasn't. It also really smells, but that's the hot springs. Kind of a waste of $4.00, but ohh well....it's $4.00. I paid a visit to my long time friend, "the merman"...hahaha. I remember being so facinated by him when I was little. I always thought he was real, but no.....I don't think he's real anymore.

It was a great day...great weather too!

On a different note:
This is what happens when you leave Elijah alone for twenty minutes with Sarah, Jenny, Jackson, and myself.....hahaha.....