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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Hahaha...ohh man...I should have studied more because I am fairly unprepared for this midterm. I just hope he uses old questions.

These past two days I have been getting to work at 6:30. Can you believe it?? 6:30!! Why? Because I decided that I'm going to take the train in the mornings, and so the earlier I go to work, then the earlier I get off. By leaving early, I don't have to fight with old people to get a seat on the train! hahahaha.....j/k. It's just less crowded on the train if you leave early.

1 more month till the parents come home....should I be excited?? No...not really. That just means that the Chinavision will be blasting all hours of the night and the "talking to me for no reason" will begin again. One positive is that my sister is coming home soon and so they'll bug her instead!! hahaha.

I need to majorly clean the house though. I don't know how I've done it, but I have managed to use all the bedrooms in my house. Each room has something different in it. It's my way of organizing everything...hahaha.

On a different note:

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- Man, that was the most personal blog I've ever had...I feel much better now.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Mental Note...

Don't go shopping when you are hungry....hahahaha...oh man. I was going to buy so much stuff because I was soooooo hungry. My basket was full; I almost grabbed another basket, and then my self control kicked in and I put back everything and only grabbed what I needed.

I made some interesting chow mein yesterday. I didn't know if I had the noodles for making chow mein and so I just used gong jai mein...hahaha...it worked. My chow mein had beef and a mix of vegetables from that mix salad bag you can buy at grocery stores...hahaha. To top it all off, I cooked it with some teriyaki sauce. It was good...at least good enough for me.

I think I have this weird sixth sense when it comes to the kitchen. I can easily make stuff and it's not too difficult and it tastes alright.

1. Prime Rib - When I cooked the prime rib, I had absolutely no idea how to cook it, but it turned out alright. It wasn't dry, and it had some taste to it. I wanted it medium rare, but it turned out to be medium....meh....what can you do. Granted most of the prime rib taste is from the gravy so just as long as you have gravy, IT'S ALL GOOD!

2. Chow Mein - I didn't really know how to prepare the mein because you have to cook it first, but make sure you don't over cook it so it is soft. The key is to put the mein in boiling water for 2-3 mins and then take it out and strain it under cold water...and then when you are finished cooking the rest (meat, vegetables) throw your noodles in the pan and add a little bit of oil and stir.

I should start a restaurant....it will be called:

"Leo's House of Not So Delicious, but Still Good Food"
in Chinese it will be called "Tow Tong"

hahaha....did everybody understand the Chinese?

P.S. I've changed something in my blog, who knows what it is??

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Relient K was AWESOME!! hahaha...

I had a good time and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The opening acts were alright. Maxeen was pretty good, but the Rocket Summer I didn't find too appealing.

Ohh man...they had such a good show. Here are some of the highlights: (Warning spoiler)

- Open the night off with "Be my Escape" and "High of '75" and then they did a couple of other songs fromt he mmhmm album.

-Then they did a cover of "That Thing You Do", which sounded pretty good.
- Then they did some of their old stuff and did a tribute to TOP GUN (only the coolest movie ever), so they played a medley of "Danger Zone", "Take my Breath Away", and the Top Gun theme with the electric guitar...you know.....after the mission is complete.

- Then they did a couple more songs- some old, some new
- Last song was "I So Hate Consequences"

encore: "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been"

Overall it was a great concert....

my ears aren't even ringing....does that mean I'm slowly going def???

"Chapstick, Chapped Lips And Things Like Chemistry"

....I'm good good good to go....good good good good to go...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back @ Work

I'm BACK and BETTER than EVER!

Actually no. I found it extremely difficult to go to work today and even right now, I find it extremely difficult to get any work done....hence this is why I am blogging...hahaha.

I'm still kind of sick...just a cough and runny nose though. I guess that's what I always had to begin with, but it's not as severe. I sure hope this week goes by quickly.

Highlights of this week:
Today: I'm going to the relient K concert
Wednesday: YAY! get to go home after work and vegitate
Thursday: Group meeting....I didn't think working with mainlanders could be this difficult (not a highlight, but a drag!!)
Friday: YAC Skating @ BOWNESS. 6:00 at church or 7:00 there.

Alright...time to get jiggy wit it...


Friday, February 17, 2006

Leo @ Home

Yup, that's right....I'm home........sick!

I probably got sick from my boss because two weeks ago, I had to ride up to Edmonton and back with her hacking her lungs out.....Bah! Ohh well.

The positive thing about this is that my boss knows that she gave it to me and so I got 2 days off! :) hahaha. Sweet!! So it's like I got a teacher's convention too!

Except my nose is runny and I'm coughing.....GERMS GERMS!!

If you haven't gotten my email:

Catherine is having a b-day skating bash at the oval on Saturday @ 2:30pm. She is also going to have dinner around 5:30pm. If you are planning to go to the dinner, please contact Kenric. The oval closes at 4:30, so if you are planning to show up late....come before 4:30. Alright! Spread the word like peanut butter on toast....hahaha.

Later y'all....


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Ladies and Gentleman, we have heat!

So yesterday I finally got my furnace fixed up. It needed a brand new motor and so the guy came and he fixed it up. Now it makes a lovely purr noise as it spins. Kind of loud when you are in the basement, but meh...what can you do.

Looks like I got my furnace working just in time too because today and tomorrow and the rest of the week is supposed to be COLD!!

I'm so glad that the week is half over, that means that there are only 2.5 more days before the long weekend!! That means that I don't have to go to stupid class...SWEET!

I am now officially one of the CC unit. Thanks werdnA!

ooo...it's almost time for hcnul, and I made some atsap so that's what I'm going to have!

Later y'all....enjoy your nice furnace's at home!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Hmm...I wonder...

I wonder what the temperature needs to be before the pipes start freezing? It definitely has to be at 0°C in order to freeze, but since cold water is already pretty cold, it might not take that long for it to freeze. Last night was very cold...I think it dipped down into the 15°C range. I know you're thinking that's not cold, but it is....TRUST ME!

I opened the furnace last night to see if I could fix it. I was hoping that it was just the belt and I could fix it. I also figured it would be the standard furnace with a belt from the motor to the fan, but no....it had to be this complicated unit where the fan and the motor are 1 unit...no belt.

So then I reached into the furnace and tried to fiddle with the fan and then the motor turned on and cut off my finger!! OUCH!! I quickly started to internally push real hard (almost like the pooing kind of push) and a new finger popped right out...

Actually, I spun the fan around and it seemed to be working and then I looked at the motor and it was making a buzzing noise so I think the motor is broken.

Do you know how I got the degrees sign( ° ) to appear?

Well, this for all you people out there that always superscript the "o" to get the degrees sign. DON'T do that...it wastes time. All you have to do is push "ALT + 0 1 7 6". Yup.... that's ALT zero one seven six. Try it...

"The freezing point of water is 0°C, the boiling point of water is 100°C."

That's my geeky tip of the day....hahahaha (°,..,°) <- That's my vampire...hahaha

...I'm such a loser...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


My heater has been making funny noises...

So my house has two difference furnaces. One for upstairs, one for downstairs. Recently my furnace for upstairs has been making funny noises....really loud screaching noises. I think yesterday, it got to the point where it became so loud that it sounded like someone had died a horrible death. Yup...I think my heater died. It was cold sleeping for the past couple of days... I crank up the heat, but yet no heat comes out. I check the pilot light...yup...still on....but no heat....

I want to fix it, but I think I'll just wait until the pa and ma come home...until then, I'll just have to sleep with layers....yup...layers....like an onion. hahaha

..it'll be strange when they come home...it'll be strange when my sister comes home. I might have to move out just to get my sanity back....hahahaha j/k

As usual, my days have been long and my nights have been short. I believe I am what they call a RETARD for taking 2 classes while working...hahaha...oh well....hopefully the summer will be better. Sleep!?! Who needs sleep?? My house is so cold I might die if I fall asleep...hahaha.

Maybe I'll sleep with my dog around my neck....like a scarf...that way I'll be warm. Since I no longer sleep at home, I sleep at work...it's nice and warm there.

...until next time...

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Hey guys.....just wanted to remind you guys to vote for our new prime minister.

....confused?? hahaha j/k

Actually, I was going to say that Jenny B?? You know, the morning host on Shine FM is on Much Music's VJ search. So she's actually one of the people staying at the house. I wish I was a much music VJ...that would be soooo cool. You can watch her audition tape here:

Yesterday was our 2nd basketball game....I thought we were going to get killed. Simply because they had TALL people. Even though this was supposed to be all guys, they had one girl who was a GIANT! During the warm up, they looked really good, so I was a little scared. My fears became reality though when the game started. In the first 5 mins, we were down 19 - 2. I thought....ohh man....but then we started to get our act together. We played a really strong defence and started moving the ball around. We got turnover after turnover and guess what?? WE WON..........no....not really.....we still lost, but we only lost by 7 points. At one point we were down by 3. It was a good game for us....even though we lost, but meh....can't win them all. 1 would be nice though.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


So I've come to the conclusion that I don't need to worry about those kinds of things. I went home with thoughts that were bothering me. Different thoughts from my last post, but then I started to pray and read the Bible and then it kind of hit me. God didn't call me to worry about those things. He called me to worry about the "kingdom" things and not what other's are doing. Just as long as you believe and serve. I kind of read someone else's blog too, which comforted me.....hahaha....a complete stranger none the less, but it helped.

On a totally different note. When we were in Edmonton we ate at Red Robins....IT WAS SOO GOOD!! Eating there made me realize how much I miss it...why can't we have good buger establishments here? ha hahaha...

...busy week this week...
Last week, when I went to Edmonton early to work, my meeting got cancelled and so I had the entire day to do whatever I want. I sat in Sam's house and slept. :) Well, because my meeting was cancelled, I have to go to Edmonton again this Friday. I'm leaving Friday morning, and I'll be back Friday night...hahaha......ohh man..it's going to be a long day.

STUPID SCHOOL.....there is no purpose of writing stupid essays and reports on things that don't have any VALUE or MEANING whatsoever!!!