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Friday, March 31, 2006


So someone brought this marshmellow peanut butter brittle into work and so I decide to try it. I take one bite form this thing and it literally sent my system into some sort of shock. I think I just diabetes from eating this thing! Being the naturally greedy Chinese person that I am, I grabbed two of them to bring to my desk...yuck...and since I'm Chinese and I hate to waste food, I ate the second one sparily with some good ol chinese seasame crackers to neutralize the taste...

Man that was sweet.....I think I just got like 20 cavities along with my diabetes...

Tonight is going to be so cool for YAC! I'm looking forward to it. For those of you who like to bargain shop....tonight is the night for you!

Currently Listening to:

"Leave Me Alone"

This is a really great indie Calgary band, but they are definitely on their way. Check out their website for more songs (click the cd pic). Does the voice sound familiar to anyone??

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good Game

Wow, that was a good game last night. I didn't watch it, but I just watched the 20 minute highlight reel...good game. The hits by Phaneuf were fantastic!

For those of you that missed it, you can watch the 20 minute highlight reel here (just click play):

Ok, so now that I've wasted like 30 mins, it's time to get back to work...hahaha

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Noise....the noise

They're baaaaacccck

So my parents are back....haha....I guess I have to get used to the noise now. Before, I used to just go home and sit in silence. Now, it's probably going to be going home and hearing Chinavision or my mom talking to me.

My house is probably going to smell like HK for a while, so probably I'll have a hint of that good ol mothball smell...mmmmmmmm....

They bought me 1 gig usb key and so now I can move all my mp3's from work back home...hahahha...

Welp, I suppose it's time to go to work now.

Friday, March 24, 2006


I like the fog.

It's really cool driving in it and walking in it. It just is a nice cool humid mist that comes to you. The fog also reminds me of my trip to San Francisco back in grade 9. I had a good time, but it was really foggy there too. It was especially cool when we went to the town of Carmel because it was a really nice little town, but the fog made it extra cool. It was almost like we were in a different world.....something like Narnia. Driving through Pebble Beach golf course was neat too.

It's funny how different things trigger different memories in your mind.

It's finally Friday...too bad I have to work at school for most of the weekend. Stupid projects...I think they should stop giving group projects in university. It's practically useless...all you do is work with people that you normally wouldn't work with in the real world so what's the point? And with my luck, you'll end up with 2 mainlanders with really stinky breath....yuck.....China breath....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Music

Spring is great...there's daylight...it's nice and sunny and there's always new music.

Some cds I'm looking forward to getting:

I thought their first CD was pretty good. I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me. Their second CD sounds a little more like TFK, but it still sounds pretty good...it also reminds me of Fall Out Boy. If your interested, you can listen to their new songs by clicking the picture. Their new cd is coming on April 4, 2006.

I've been waiting for this CD for a while. Once again, it comes with a DVD so it's really good. Too bad it's getting harder and harder to sing their fast songs in church...we're just not talented enough...hahaha. You can listen to some sound clips by clicking the pic. Their new cd is coming on April 4, 2006.

Wow, both cds are coming out on April 4. That means that there will be 2 cd's to pick up. Hopefully they will be a "new music tuesday" selection.

I'm looking forward to YC too....sweet....YC......too bad United is not going to be there, but it's still going to be awesome!!! YC wut wut!!


Hope everyone does well on their finals!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Today I got to work at 6:30 in the morning....can you believe it! 6:30!! I don't know what it is, but with daylight coming earlier in the day, I find it super easy to wake up. I think I'm more of a morning person so it only makes sense.

So yesterday I decided to cook myself a burger. Since it was only 1 patty, I didn't use the regular frying pan that I usually use. I used a smaller one. So while I'm cooking, I start to notice that the burger is sticking to this supposedly non-stick frying pan. I'm like, "what the?!?!". So I quickly try to make it not stick to the frying pan so I put in some water, but that only make it worse. Then my patty starts to char, so I turn down the heat and quickly try to finish cooking this patty. I put my bun in the pan to toast it (New technique...it works wonders!!) and I place my cheese on my patty. I finish cooking and I put everything together and then I turn around to go to my family room.....and what do I see......

....I see nothing because my room was filled with smoke...hahaha...oops I forgot to turn on the hood fan!! Ohh NO! Now my house smells like burnt burger....ohh well...hopefully it'll go away.

That is all...blogger has been really slow these days...I wonder why??

Ohh and I think I have a virus on my downstairs computer because when I turned it on for the first time in a while, Norton picked up something called Trojan.DesktopHijack and quarrantined it....hmmm....crappy. I did a virus check, but there was nothing.......

Ok back to work...

Monday, March 20, 2006


I've been moved....yet again.

Now I'm officially in the crappiest spot out of the entire floor. I'm in the darkest portion of the entire floor and I'm right by the front door. I guess the positives are that there's nobody beside me so I'm basically on my own. Hopefully, this will be the last spot where they place me.

My situation reminds me of Milton in office space...hahaha...yes...his name is Milton. You all know who I'm talking about...it's the guy who always stutters and gets moved around the office...hahaha....

Anyways...the moving people suck because they moved my phone, but not my computer and now the new guy whose supposed to take my spot is here...and I don't know what to do.

This is messed up!! Anyways...I have sort this crap out.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

This Just In...

Guess What Guys??

Tim Horton's is for sale!! Actually it's going public on the TSX. I think I will buy some stock just so I can say I'm a part owner of Tim Horton's hahahaha....

I bet this stock is going to skyrocket though, so make sure you get in there quickly before it's too late...the stock symbol is THI....rrrroooolllll up the riiimmm!!

I am now 1/6 in my quest for Tim's glory.

Here's the music vid of the week!

"Upside Down" Jack Johnson

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Prayer Request

Hey All,

Some of you may know her, and some of you may not, but my friend (engg Sarah) is going through a difficult time. Her mom is sick and so I am asking anyone who reads this blog to please pray for her mom and the family.

Please pray that God will heal her mom and that their family will be able to deal with this difficult situation.


Passed Out!

Last night after work, I went to Happy Valley to buy some siu yuk. After that, I went home and I walked my dog and then I made dinner for my dog and then I made dinner for myself. It was fairly good, but I didn't get the best cut of siu yuk. Afterwards, I turned on the TV and I saw Prison Break was on again!! WHOA!! It's an exciting show, but they showed the season finale last night, which means that the season premiere will be on next week!!

I supposed to do so much last night like homework and basketball practice, but I passed out halfway through Prison Break (7:30) and then I woke up at 10:30 and said, "Shoot...I missed basketball....crap!" and then I went upstairs and passed out on my bed and then I woke up at 5:00AM, and said, "BAH! It's time for work"

So overall, I didn't get anything done last night....and I have so much to do....there just isn't enough time.

....hehehe...reminds of the Saved by the Bell episode, where Jesse doesn't have time for anything so she starts taking pills, and then she gets addicted....anyone watch that episode?? does anyone have any pills??

"I'm SO excited, I'm SO excited......I'm so ...."


Monday, March 13, 2006


Wow, what a difference light in the morning makes!

2 weeks ago, I used to go to work in the dark, now when I'm getting to work, there's alreay light. It seems like there's more cars and such too when there is light out. I used to be able to j-walk across any street and not worry because there were no cars, but now, there's cars everywhere and everyone is zooming around.

I'm tired....and I think I'm getting sick again. I think I just need sleep. Sleep is good. Lack of sleep is no good.

I'm really excited about the youth rally coming in April. It's going to be awesome!! Ron Powell is coming down from Edmonton to speak too. All the youth love to hear him speak, it's pretty cool.

Ok gotta go work now....bye bye

Friday, March 10, 2006

We Have a Weener!

I WON! I WON!! I can't believe I WON!

I'm going to have a great time watching my 50" Plasma while drinking my coffee!

YES!! WOOHOO...now all I need to do is buy a 50" Plasma since I've already got my free coffee....hahahahaha

Now I'm 1/5 in my quest for Tim's glory. I don't want to win small items though...I want to win big items!! BIG items!!

Ok....can't post that much...have to get to work. I've been slacking the past couple of days....I need to get work done, but I have no motivation. You'll probably see me on msn later on...hahahaha....ohhh boy.

People are changing their blog templates....it's wonderful. Nice template Sarah! :) hahahaha.

I will give 50 blog points to the next person to change their template! hahahaha j/k...I don't have any blog points in my blogging world.

On another note, after gaining a member of the blogging community, we have lost a member as well. Master Chief Andy has closed his blog and the last post I see is from April 2005. Does that mean he deleted his other posts? Will Master Chief make a come back?? is he really gone?? Why MC Andy Why? I heard "Superman's Song" on the radio the other day if that helps. This song is for you MC Andy!

"Superman's Song" Crash Test Dummies

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ticketed and Towed...


I woke up late today, and so I raced down Blackfoot in my car. I got to work in like 15 mins. Just as I was pulling into a pay lot, I thought to myself, "What are the chances that the employee parking lot is going to be full?"

And then I said, "Ohh what the heck..." and so I pulled out of the pay lot and headed towards the employee parking lot. I placed my keypass over the sensor and then it goes BEEP. The gate raises slowly. There's a car behind me so I have to pretend that I actually have an assigned spot in the lot. I quickly choose a spot in the very back of the lot and drive towards it....

Just as I as pulling in, the same car that was behind me was pulling in as well...hahaha....no that didn't happen, but it sure would have been funny.

So I pick a spot and I park....the parking number is 66.....I've done my research though, it seems like for the past couple of weeks, that spot has been empty. I hope today isn't one of the days where the owner of that spot just happens to come. Would they actually tow a fellow employee though?? Let's hope I don't get ticketed and towed.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I'm bored....

I have work to do, but I don't really feel like doing it....hahaha.

What did I do instead?? Well, I made a blogger template...hahaha...one unique template. You might even see it soon. It's nothing special, but I was bored.

I found out my mark for my midterm and it was exactly as I suspected it to be, HORRIBLE! Ohh well....I guess I just have to get my act together for the assignments and the project. Ohh and I can't forget the final too.

Ok, I guess time to do some work.

Whoa, Someone got 395 on the guess the google game....that means that they had a couple of answers, answered in 20 secs....that's not possible is it? I've never guessed it right off the bat. The closest I've gotten is 19 secs.

ok...now it's time to go back to work.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Upside Down

Currently Listening to:

"Upside Down"
Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George

Jack Johnson and Friends

This CD is so mellow and funny. I totally reminded me of the elementary days. It's really relaxing if you just want to put something on and sleep. I wish I could be Jack Johnson. That would be so cool! To be able to play music and surf all day.

Another day....another blog. I'm super tired for some reason, but I think that's because of lack of sleep. I like sleep....I want to go to sleep.

On another note, Happy Birthday Jackson!! Hope you have a good day today!

Here's the first song to this cd if you want to listen to it.

"Upside Down" Jack Johnson

Monday, March 06, 2006

Quick Update

0/3 in my quest for Tim's Glory!!

I read that on Sunday, Tara was sketching people (Jackson and Kingston?)....creepy and funny. It reminds me of someone else who was a model to some sketches.


I'm I the first one to post this??
Do I get 5 points??

hehehe....thanks Jenny!

So on Friday, this lady who works with my boss tells my boss that she has something for me to do. So they both come over to my cube and explain to me what this lady wanted me to do. I think they came around 3:45pm on a Friday. 3:45PM!! that's 15 mins before I call it quits. Anyways, so she tells me my task with my boss still standing there and then I ask her when she needs it by. To this she replies, "Monday afternoon."

"WHAT?" my boss says, "So he only has like 4 hours to do this?"

"Yup" says the lady. "It's going to be really quick"

Do you know what the task was? It was comparing 2 different companies that have a database of documents and finding out which company is better by comparing it to the documents needed in my company's database....FREAKING RETARDED! I had to go through 150 documents and find the proper ones.

Good thing I'm a pretty fast reader and quick at the copy and pasting. I completed it in 3 hours. What's funny about this is that the lady that asked me to do this is David's (my Mexican friend) boss. Why didn't she get him to do it?? He must be slow at reading...you know...because he's Mexican...hahaha j/k!!

Quick Blog

Here's my quick blog and then it's off to do some work. I have lots to do today...

0/2 in Roll up the Rim...hahaha.

That is all. Thank you. hahaha

Friday, March 03, 2006

Random Thoughts...

Hoooray!! It's Friday! I love it when it's Friday. Not only is it the last day of the week, but I get to go to YAC. Yes, I admit sometimes it's hard to go to YAC, but by the end of it, I'm always glad I did.

Attention all blog readers in Calgary, the Sport Chek in Avineda is closing and they are having a sale. I already bought a Columbia Grey and Green 3 in 1 (so no one buy that jacket), but I didn't really have time to shop and so I'm going back today to look for a snowboard bag. They are officially closing March 12, and they say that everything is 30-90% off.

Yesterday just reminded me of how hard my midterm was, but that's only because I really didn't know my stuff...hahaha...oops! Meh, just as long as I pass. That's all I care about. I did end up going to Tim Horton's at school though. I got me an extra large steeped tea. I nursed it all throughout class and then I was finally finished. After my blog about nobody ever winning anything big, I wasn't too confident about this cup, and so I slowly flattened the end. Mashing it with my figertips I put my strength into making it "rollable". Then, I slowly started to roll....letter by letter and word by word. My eyes became HUGE! For those of you that know me, they know that my eyes can get really LARGE! I'm completely shocked by my fate that awaits me...

On another note, I had a salad the other day, but I forgot to buy dressing. So what did I do? I put salsa into the salad and added chips...hahaha. It became a taco salad, or as they say in spanaish, Taco En Salada...hahaha. Yesterday, I made a croisant burger. A nice teriyaki soaked patty on top of a toasted croissant with cheese and some vegetables on top...mmm....it was good. You should try it one day.

Sweet...thank God it's FRIDAY!!

.....I am 0/1 in my quest for Tim's glory...

Here's the music video of the week. I heard this song on an Olympic montage and I've had it stuck in my head.....hahaha.

Keane "Somewhere Only We Know"

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Long Day

WHOA!! Yesterday I packed my day with as much events as possible.

Yesterday, I went to work and then after work I got my hair cut.

At the barbers, I saw Anthony Quan (Les Quan's brother). I don't think he recognized me so I didn't say hi...haha. He had short hair already and I don't know why he was getting a haircut, but the barber cutting my hair was jokingly telling the other barber to shave his head because his hair was already short. I think they thought that he doesn't understand chinese...but I'm pretty sure he does. He had this look after they said it....I smirked..hahaha.

After the barber, I went home, walked my dog, and went straight to the Lake for some skating. With whom did I go skating with?? Nobody...I skated by myself. It was my first time skating on the lake in a long time. I took my hockey stick with me too for practice, but I didn't have a puck so I just used ice chunks as my puck. I skated for 1+ hours straight. No stopping, just skating...haha. While there, I saw these 3 girls and this 1 guy playing hockey. There was 1 girl who was really good. She was weaving the puck in and out and stick handling and everything. If only I could do that. Seeing her motivated me to learn how to hockey stop...

So I went to the darkest portion of the lake where no one could see me. I prepared myself mentally and started to breathe...in...out...in...out. Then I pushed off, building my speed with each stride I took, and then with one last push I forgot my inhibitions and turned a sharp 90°. My skates scraped on the ice and cut in and wooosh.....I went flying. I landed on my side in moderate pain, but I quickly got up and looked around to see if anyone witnessed my amazing acrobatic skills. Pheew...no one was around, but I wouldn't doubt people in their houses laughing hysterically at my misfortunes. I did this about 5 times, each with the same result, but then I finally got the hang of it...sort of.

Now, my legs are sore, my back aches, but at least I can stop...kinda. Hahahaha. That's Da Kine!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I hate school. It's retarded! Out of all the stupid COMS 363 profs I had to pick, I had to pick the hardest one. He marks really hard. Other COMS profs let you do the assignments as many times as you want until you get the mark that you want. Some don't even give out assignments....why did I have to get this stupid hippy of a teacher who thinks that COMS is an important class. NEWSFLASH: IT'S USELESS!! Also, why is it that in my group there are 3 Chinese people total? Couldn't he freaking separate the Chinese folk. I have 2 mainlanders in my group. No offense to mainlanders, but this is a technical writing course, and their English isn't all that great let alone their writing. WHY DO I HAVE 2 OF THEM IN MY GROUP!

I'm also pretty sure I did bad on my midterm yesterday for well logging...hahaha. The midterm was nothing I expected. Oh well, I just hope everyone does bad and so I'll be with class average.

It's kind of funny how we get all excited about roll up the rim, but no one has ever won big....except for Sam with his Hawaiian package (lucky duck). Maybe this time someone will win something big. All I know is that I'm probably going to go to Tim Horton's a lot more often now. They must have started Roll Up the Rim on Monday because I got a steeped tea on Friday and they didn't have it.

Stupid classes...they make me want to say certain 3 and 4 letter words such as....